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SubjectRe: SiS/Trident 4DWave sound driver (Update)
At 03:36 PM 26/10/01 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > though the codec->codec_read(codec, AC97_VENDOR_ID#) isn't returning the
> > codec value for this system at all.
>Something is failing to bring up the AC97 codec bus and/or set it up
>properly. Can you find exactly which patch broke that for you (you'll
>possibly want to keep fixing the codec table as you test older ones)

Update: - 2.4.3 appears to have the same issue of no-find the codec.

2.2.19pre17 reports the wrong h/ware address for the sound device (the same
one as the IDE bus - urghy!), so I can't even load the driver to test if
it'll work (which I doubt).

Upon looking at the code between 2.4.0 and 2.4.13, in particular at
trident_ac97_get() and trident_ac97_set() there is practically no
difference between them, except for the addition of another option in the
switch statement for another card. Almost all the additions and changes
between versions have been specifically ALi or similar chipsets, and don't
seem to affect the SiS stuff.

So where to now?

Thinking mebbe I should hook this machine up to the net outside the
firewall, plug in the webcam and point it at it, give you an ssh account on
it, and connect an oscilloscope to the audio and let you fiddle. Useful for
the SiS FrameBuffer thing as well I'd guess. *grin*

Talk about remote debugging eh?

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