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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.13-ac2: Appletalk Config Screwed
On Sat, 2001-10-27 at 11:44, Alan Cox wrote:
> I can't duplicate the problem described

Perhaps you need to have no reference to CONFIG_ATALK in your config?
At the very least, you should be able to go into Network Devices ->
Appletalk and see that if CONFIG_ATALK=n then the suboptions for the
devices are settable, and of course they should not be. I don't know
why you don't see the errors on exit from make xconfig or the repeated
questions from oldconfig...

I also found another problem: there are two statements for CONFIG_ATALK,
the second one should be removed as the resulting options are in an if
block anyhow. This results in double CONFIG_ATALK entries in your
config now that the gross if's were reorganized. Updated patch

diff -u linux-2.4.13-ac2/drivers/net/appletalk/ linux/drivers/net/appletalk/
--- linux-2.4.13-ac2/drivers/net/appletalk/ Fri Oct 26 15:47:50 2001
+++ linux/drivers/net/appletalk/ Sat Oct 27 12:09:57 2001
@@ -1,11 +1,8 @@
# Appletalk driver configuration
-if [ "$CONFIG_ATALK" != "n" ]; then
- mainmenu_option next_comment
+mainmenu_option next_comment
comment 'Appletalk devices'
- bool 'Appletalk interfaces support' CONFIG_ATALK
if [ "$CONFIG_ATALK" != "n" ]; then
dep_tristate ' Apple/Farallon LocalTalk PC support' CONFIG_LTPC $CONFIG_ATALK
dep_tristate ' COPS LocalTalk PC support' CONFIG_COPS $CONFIG_ATALK
@@ -19,5 +16,4 @@
bool ' Appletalk-IP to IP Decapsulation support' CONFIG_IPDDP_DECAP
- endmenu
Robert Love

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