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Subject[off topic?] Re: [PATCH] strtok --> strsep in framebuffer drivers (part 2)
> René Scharfe wrote:

> strsep - extract token from string
> [...]
> The strsep() function returns a pointer to the token, or
> NULL if delim is not found in stringp.
> If strsep returns NULL, and you dereference it -> Oops.
> ! if (!this_opt)
> continue;

Is that manual page incorrect?

I would think that

strsep() returns NULL when *stringp points to '\0' character

and that if delim is not found in stringp then stringp
is just advanced to '\0' character of string (and original
*stringp value is returned)

If that is not true, then these all patches are incorrect.
Namely last token will be skipped.

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