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SubjectAny stable 2.4 kernel?
I wonder if anybody has found a stable kernel for the following
hardware: C440GX+, dual Xeon 550, 2GB RAM, 1GB swap, aic7xxx.
Usage pattern is load > 2, highmem, not much I/O (maybe swap?).
Some of our jobs take weeks, so stable means months between reboots.

I found anything beyond 2.4.10 useless - lockups after a few days.
Currently I run 2.4.3 with varying degree of success - initial lifespan
was 4 months, but last reincarnation survived for 3 weeks only.

Any recommendation for 2.4 or should I consider going back to 2.2 ?
I don't need any fancy features (apart to SMP and highmem),
only stability is important.

-Igor Mozetic
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