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SubjectRe: SiS/Trident 4DWave sound driver oops
On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 10:36, Alan Cox wrote:
> > How can I find out the ac97 codec ID for this chipset (if there is one) so
> > it can be added to the ac97_codec_ids array? From what I can tell, it's as
> > though the codec->codec_read(codec, AC97_VENDOR_ID#) isn't returning the
> > codec value for this system at all.
> Something is failing to bring up the AC97 codec bus and/or set it up
> properly. Can you find exactly which patch broke that for you (you'll
> possibly want to keep fixing the codec table as you test older ones)

Other than my system works as a module, I have the same problems. I bet
you that 2.4.8 is the last kernel that worked for him. (It was for
me.) I do not know about pre-patches. If you want, I will find that
out for my case.

Trever Adams
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