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SubjectRE: Issue wit ACPI and Promise?
le ven 26-10-2001 à 01:06, Grover, Andrew a écrit :
> Great. Since I don't have the HW I need your help.
> Please stick printk()s in drivers/acpi/events/evsci.c acpi_ev_sci_handler().
> I'd like to know where in there it is hanging, and if it is ever returning.
> I don't know your level of comfortability in all this so please email me if
> you need more explicit instructions on what I'm asking for.

Mmh, it's not always freezing at the same place. For now (after several
dozens reboots), I see:

- freeze after line 73 in acpi_ev_sci_handler()

- freeze after line 79 in acpi_ev_sci_handler()

- freeze after the message "tbxface-0107 [01] Acpi_load_tables :"

... randomly.

To notice, sometimes if I press the power button when it's frozen, then
it "defreezes" and continues. Sometimes it powers down instantly.
Sometimes it just outputs an APIC error. But most of the time it does


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