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SubjectRe: Micro$of use Novell, not his own products
???????????: wwp <>
??????????: info <>

26 ??????? 2001 17:07, ?? ????????:
> Hi George,
> did you know that M$ uses BSD servers for Hotmail?
> Best regards,

Thanks for information.

But there are some moments:

1. "When Microsoft moved to buy Hotmail in 1997, it was already
running on FreeBSD". And they (M$) can say that they don't want to
change soft until it works...

2. FreeBSD in the free system, Novell is commertial. One think - use
free soft, another - to buy it from main concurrent*

3. Hotmail is only owned by Microsoft, is the face
of Microsoft - main site.

This is situation like .... I don't know - for example: if mr.Ford
(man, not company) will use as his personal auto not Lincoln
(produced on Ford's plants) but ... Mercedes or Cytroenn, for
example... And say this time that Lincoln is the best car in the

Best regards,



Best regards
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