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Subjectpriority queues on dp83820
has anybody try to use the priority queues of the dp83820?
or does somebody know where to get docu knewer then the
preliminary form february 2001?

i wrote a driver for the dp83820. now i tried to use
priority queuing for prescheduled zero copy datastreans.
first i just whanted enable priority queueing without
inserting of any vlan tag. this works for 1 to 3 queues
like it sais in the docu (untagged packets are queued
like packets with priority 0). but when i enable the 4th
queue i receive all none tagged data on queue 1 instead
of queue 0. and if i enalbe vlan-tagging globaly or on
a per packet basis i don't get any interrupts on the
receiving side. has anybody an idea whats going on. if
you need the code to have a lock at - let me know, i
realy need some help.

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