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Subject2.4.8+6.2.4 unable to mount root fs on 08:05
I am using an AIC-7896 SCSI card in a VA Linux 2230.
In a previous post, I had problems with getting the
6.2.4 driver from Justin Gibbs to work at all. Now
that I have moved past that one, this one is a little
more esoteric.

The 2.4.8+6.2.4 kernel is installed and configured
correctly. The 6.2.4 driver is statically linked into the
kernel and all SCSI information displays fine at system
boot. However, I am getting the message:

"Unable to mount root fs on 08:05"

and associated panic at boot.

So, since I can see the driver, and the same driver is
being used for the installation kernel image (same kernel
release too), I can't come up with an explanation for
the kernel's failure to find the root fs.

What can I do to troubleshoot this? What information would
be helpful?

Thoughts/comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!

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