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SubjectRe: Deadlock with linux kernel
Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Jeff Golds wrote:
> > I've been having this problem since 2.4.6 and just attributed it to VM
> > issues. However, I've been trying all the latest kernels (2.4.9-acXX,
> > 2.4.10-acXX, 2.4.12-acXX and 2.4.13) and am still getting a deadlock
> > scenario someplace. In fact, my system hung up in about 2 minutes after
> > booting the 2.4.13 kernel.
> Since your system hangs just after boot, while you still
> have free ram and tons of swap, in kernels with 3 different
> VM subsystems ... I'm pretty sure this isn't a VM problem.

No, it only hung just after boot one time. However, I was doing a
kernel build when it hung (I was trying to make a new kernel to try out
as I had just rebooted).

Most times, the machine will stay up for a day or two then lock during a
kernel build.


Jeff Golds
Sr. Software Engineer
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