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SubjectRe: [RFC] New Driver Model for 2.5
"Linus Torvalds" <> writes:

> On 25 Oct 2001, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> >
> > Or another fun common one. To shut down the interrupt controller, I first
> > need to shut down every device that thinks it can generate interrupts.
> > But my interrupt controller is way out on my pci->isa bridge. So I
> > can't shut that device down.
> >
> > Sorry this whole device tree idea for shutdown ordering doesn't seem
> > to match my idea of reality.
> Your _examples_ do not match any reality.

I'll go as far as agreeing they do not matching any _practical_ reality.

> Don't worry about things like the CPU shutdown: you have to have special
> code for it anyway.

But that is the case I plan on coding....

> Let's face it, the device tree is for _devices_. It's for shutting down a
> network card before we shut down the PCI bridge that is in front of it.
> The issue of "core shutdown" is not covered - and isn't _meant_ to be
> covered.

O.k. I'll step back and let you guys handle the normal cases. I rarely
get past "core startup" and "core shutdown".

> That's the problem of the architecture-specific code. There is no
> point in having a device tree for that, because it's going to be very much
> architecture-specific anyway (ie on x86 we may have to just blindly trust
> some silly APCI table data etc).

I'm doing my best to provide a real world alternative to ACPI on some

My perspective is coming from linuxBIOS, or in general GPL'd
firmware, so it is a little different.

But at this point in the conversation it looks like I should just back
off, let the core API get the easy cases correct. And then come back
and figure out how to handle the truly weird cases.

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