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SubjectRe: 2.4.12-ac4 10Mbit NE2k interrupt load kills p166
"  Urban Widmark wrote:"
> > Hello folks...
> >
> > Host A: p166, ISA NE2K, linux-2.4.12-ac4
> > Host B: p2-400, rtl-8129, WinXP (heh, not my box though ;)
> >
> > Load: smbmount connection from host A to the host B, and getting
> > large files.
> You don't say if any of the tests you did are related to smbfs. I suspect
> this reasoning is completely irrelevant (not, that it has stopped me
> before ... :)
> smbfs is not the fastest thing around. I think the slowness on some
> operations is related to how it waits after sending each request.
> process A process B
> get semaphore
> request 4096 bytes wait on semaphore
> ... wait for network ...
> read packet
> read packet
> read packet
> release semaphore
> get semaphore
> request 4096 bytes
> It could send the second request without waiting for the first to complete
> (if it knew how to separate the responses). Doing that should speed things
> up.
> If you play mp3's over smbfs while also doing something else I suppose the
> delay could become noticable. I can't explain the other effects, so
> possibly this is unrelated to smbfs.
> You could make me happy by repeating the tests, but generating the network
> load with something else (http?).
> /Urban
1. /dev/hda is -u1d1 `ed, and the disc load is near to not existent
2. mp3 is placed locally

cheers, Samium Gromoff

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