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SubjectRe: issue: deleting one IP alias deletes all
That is IMO bad behavior, it didn't use to do this because I have 
scripts that rely on this behavior.

I'll take it up with the author, Alexey.


Christopher Friesen wrote:

David Ford wrote:

>Actually it is quite sane. The tool is not.
>Switch to 'ip' instead of 'ifconfig', several large distros now include
>it. Addresses can be added and removed completely indiscriminately on
>The "ethN:X" is a legacy design that is now deprecated.

Minor issue...if I create (using 'ip') two addresses on the same subnet on the
same device, one of them is primary and the other is secondary. If I then
delete the primary address, the second one goes with it.

I submit that this is bad behaviour.


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