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SubjectRe: [RFC] New Driver Model for 2.5
> The idea is to allocate all memory in the first pass, disable interrupts,
> then save state. Would that work? Or, should some of the state saving take
> place with interrupts enabled?

Imagine the state saving done on a USB device. There you need interrupts
on while retrieving the state from say a USB scanner, and in some cases
off while killing the USB controller.

> > Ditto on return from suspend where some devices also like to float the irq
> > high as you take them over (eg USB on my Palmax). From comments Ben made
> > ages back I believe ppc has similar issues if not worse
> Yes, the resume sequence is broken into two stages:
> device_resume(RESUME_POWER_ON);
> /* enable interrupts */
> device_resume(RESUME_RESTORE_STATE);
> Do you see a need to break it up further?

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