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SubjectRe: 2.4.13-pre6 breaks Nvidia's kernel module
> with his current version of windows. Admittedly, some may not consider this a
> feature, but I think a lot do. Why should a 'stable' kernel series break
> existing drivers?

It probably shouldn't but we cant tell where the problem lies in a lump of
binary code.

> > I really doubt Nvidia will open their driver code. I've heard them explain
> > some of the reasons they don't and in part they make complete sense.
> Microsoft deals with companies that won't always give them access to the drivers
> directly, but often they will tell users workarounds, or at least attempt to
> gather enough knowledge since they are tehnically the OS vendor to give to the
> driver provider to fix the problem. If you are the OS provider, and a change you
> make breaks user drivers/programs generally I think it's a polite gesture to at
> least attempt to find out what's going on and then pass that information on to
> the people who can properly handle it...

If Nvidia would like to pay me as much as Microsoft is paid for driver
certification then I might be able to find the time
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