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SubjectRe: increase the number of system call parameters
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=?iso-8859-1?Q?Roar_Thron=E6s?= <> writes:
> Hi
> (I am sorry if this question has been asked and answered before)

> How do you increase the number of system call parameters, and how many
> can you at most have?

You can have upto 6 argument on i386. Each argument needs an register
to pass and the i386 has only 8 and two are used for the stack pointer
and the syscall number. This leaves you 6.
Other architectures may not have that limitation.

> Would up to 12 parameters be possible, and how?

Yes. Just pass a pointer to an auxillary structure as the first argument
and do a copy_from_user on that structure at the entry point. Put the
arguments in that structure. In user space you can hide the structure in a

Some system calls (mmap, old_select, socketcall) are in fact implemented
like this because they were designed before the entry point supported
6 arguments.

A note on design: if you have a function call that needs 12 arguments you
probably forgot some[1] (in short it is a strong cue for a broken design,
you should probably split it in smaller calls)


[1] unknown author
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