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SubjectRe: Kernel Compile in tmpfs crumples in 2.4.12 w/epoll patch

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Larry McVoy wrote:

> for (;;) {
> lstat(dir);
> while (e = readdir(..)) save(e->d_name);
> lstat(dir)
> if (dir size && dir mtime have NOT changed) break;
> cleanup the array and go start over
> }
> sort entries
> return sorted list
> The basic idea being that we first of all narrow the race window and
> second of all detect the race in all cases where the mods to the dir
> result in either a changed mtime or a changed size. So yes, that leaves
> us open to cases where the size didn't change but the contents did but
> I'll be ding danged if I can see a way around that.

There's none. Notice that if you want a coherent view of directory,
you need something like the variant above anyway - even with FFS. New
entry could've been added into slack in one of the entries you've
already seen.

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