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SubjectRe: The new X-Kernel !
On Sunday 21 October 2001 18:09, you wrote:
> But what graphics resources does the LPP require? If it's more restricted
> than the current Linux boot process it affects server-oriented machines
> that aren't running X or graphics, that just serve resources on the net.
> I'd not like to see the minimum bar for hardware compatibility raised
> without very good cause. Boot time messages aren't a good cause for me.
> My feeling: At best it should be an option only, and default to no LPP.

Of couse as an option. I don't say that it's a good idea for servers, but I
heard several times that people are "confused" by Linux's boot messages, and
people consider it as less "friendly" than other OSes because of the boot
messages that they don't understand anyway. So it may be a good idea for
desktop machines and inexperienced users.

Currently it needs a VESA-framebuffer, and if this is not available it could
fall back to text mode. I'm not sure what the current patch does in this
situation though.


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