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SubjectRe: VIA 686b Bug - once again :(

>>You should be aware of that 3ware is dropping all their IDE RAID
>>controllers so if you want it, buy it fast. They're going out of
>>production. That is... if you want a product that won't be supported
> Eh? This is interesting. I haven't heard of anything like this before, and
> can't find anything in their website. Maybe you can point me to where you
> got this bit of information? Rather alarming because I've got a 3ware
> controller myself.

The Linux XFS development list had a discussion about it a few weeks
ago. I even think someone from 3ware joined in or if someone had a quote
from someone at 3ware. But just go there and you'll see the site has
changed. The only graphic on the front page is now their IP storage
thing. The Palisade.

Go to Products on their page. Notice the lack of information on the
Escalades., but I think you got that already.

Only info on Escalades is:

" Inquires regarding Escalade Storage Switch products should be directed
to 650.327.8600 or"

and a picture...

// Stefan

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