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SubjectRe: Kernel Compile in tmpfs crumples in 2.4.12 w/epoll patch
On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 10:28:37AM +0200, Christoph Rohland wrote:
> >
> > Is tmpfs stable?
> I merged the tmpfs from -ac into the stock kernel. So there was
> something changed which maybe is broken. Were there any kernel
> messages, oopses?
> Exactly the parallel kernel make is one of my regression tests for
> tmpfs. Further on I do not see how tmpfs should interfere with the
> library pages. make, ls etc use tmpfs pages. So I suspect it's
> something else.

Running BitKeeper regression tests fails for me on tmpfs /tmp/. I have
reported it to the bitkeeper bugtracking, but am not sure if this is a
bitkeeper or tmpfs bug. Any insight?

Last tested with Bitkeeper 2.0 on linux 2.4.10-xfs.

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