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SubjectRe: 2.4.10 build failure - atomic_dec_and_lock export
>>>>> " " == Ian Grant <> writes:

> Trond,
> 2.4.10 won't link with CONFIG_SMP and i386 CPU selected. I
> believe the problem
> lies in in the #ifndef atomic_dec_and_lock in
> lib/dec_and_lock.c. As far as I can see this symbol is always
> defined because it's exported.

This patch looks very redundant.

If you have CONFIG_SMP defined then atomic_dec_and_lock will never get
defined, and if CONFIG_HAVE_DEC_LOCK is not defined, then
dec_and_lock.c will never even get compiled. Even the config.h include
is superfluous as linux/module.h will include it.

I don't understand though: I have no problems compiling and linking
stock 2.4.10 with CONFIG_M386=y + CONFIG_SMP=y.
Are you sure that you didn't miss a 'make dep' after doing 'make
config'/'make oldconfig'?


PS: sorry that you received this mail twice Ian. I didn't notice the
first time around that you had Cced the l-k list.
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