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On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 01:35:28AM -0700, LA Walsh wrote:
> > You are missing one 'dd' from the other system side, but
> > are you also sure that the remote system can support large
> > files, and that the dd in there does support large files ?
> ---
> Missing 'dd' typo. It's on the other system I tried copying the 8G
> to a slightly large 9G partition -- that worked. On the source system
> I can copy 8G to another 8G partition. Just running them over rsh seems to
> be a problem. Same version of 'dd' on each side (SuSE 7.2).

There could be something amiss in the dd when feeding into a pipe
( 2G limit should not matter, but...)

Try following:

dd if=/dev/sdX | cat > /dev/null

Hmm.. And also:

dd if=/dev/sdX | rsh other-host dd of=/dev/null

> Maybe I can fool ftp with symlinks tomorrow into doing the copy and see
> if that works. Just for fun I tried 'cat' as well -- same error -- out of
> space on target.

'cat' local or remote ?

> It transfers a lot of data -- right around 2G the first time I tried it, so
> it looked awfully suspicious.

Yes, suspicuous about something in the rsh barfing.

> Linda

/Matti Aarnio
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