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SubjectRe: NFSv3 and linux-2.4.10-ac3 => oops
>>>>> " " == H Peter Anvin <> writes:

> Hello everyone, I have a reproducible (and rather quick) oops
> on a system running linux-2.4.10-ac3, which seems to be NFS
> (v3) related; although ksymoops core dumps when I try to use
> it, I have manually decoded the dump to indicate that it
> happens in rwsem_down_read_failed called from nfs_file_wite.
> Rather than posting too much here, I have put as much
> information as I have been able to gather at:


I'm trying to look at this, but it seems a hopeless mess: there are no
calls to any read/write semaphore routines in the NFS code.

AFAICS the second stack return point corresponds to the call to
generic_file_write() in nfs_file_write(), so I'd guess that the Oops
is actually happening somewhere there...

Hmm... Looking at the code in generic_file_write(), I see that Alan
hasn't merged in the kmap() stuff in generic_file_write()from
Linus. At the same time, the nfs_prepare_write() seems to have been
synced with Linus, and so the kmap() that used to be there has

As your config indicates that you *are* using CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G,
perhaps one ought to start with a patch that fixes the obvious bug (in
the hope that it'll at least clean up the next Oops)...


--- linux-2.4.10-hpa/fs/nfs/file.c.orig Sun Sep 23 18:48:01 2001
+++ linux-2.4.10-hpa/fs/nfs/file.c Tue Oct 2 11:33:43 2001
@@ -155,7 +155,12 @@
static int nfs_prepare_write(struct file *file, struct page *page, unsigned offset, unsigned to)
- return nfs_flush_incompatible(file, page);
+ int status;
+ kmap(page);
+ status = nfs_flush_incompatible(file, page);
+ if (status)
+ kunmap(page);
+ return status;

static int nfs_commit_write(struct file *file, struct page *page, unsigned offset, unsigned to)
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