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Subject2.4.10-ac3+preempt opening PDF eliminates responsiveness
I'm running 2.4.10-ac3+preempt on a K6-3/366 with 128MB RAM.

I tried to open the file flag.pdf in ghostview

-rw-r--r-- 1 brian console 229365 Oct 1 22:49 flag.pdf

The system became almost completely unresponsive. The mouse would
move every 20 seconds or so. The hard drive indicator on the laptop
was basically on the whole time, and I could hear the drive
making noise.

The computer was working just had become nearly unresponsive just
occasionally moving the mouse pointer every 20 seconds or so.

I ctrl-alt-bs'd the X session and eventually the X session came down and
everything returned to normal as far as responsiveness is concerned.

Just brought X back up and continued as normal.

The behavior is repeatable. And the same thing happens if I try to
open the flag.pdf file in gimp.

I suppose if I waited long enough both gimp and ghostview would
eventually come up.

However, I'm sure the system isn't meant to grind to a halt while
bringing up that file.

Brian Litzinger <>

Copyright (c) 2000 By Brian Litzinger, All Rights Reserved
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