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SubjectNew Input PS/2 driver

Okay. It is not that new since I have been using it for several months now
with now problems. I just ported from console project CVS to 2.4.10.
Basically this patch address the issues people have been having with the
current PS/2 driver. Plus it has the bonus of using the universal input
api. It even allows for unpluging the keyboard with no problem and you can
have two keybaord plugged in at the same time with no problems. NOTE:
don't have both keyboard plugged in at boot time. It confusses them.
The olnly thing which I haven't had time to do is support PS/2 based
keybards that don't use the standard IRQ and port ranges. Several mips
devices have this issue. The patch is 60 K so I posted a link. To use the
keyboard driver you need to

1) enable the input core and keyboard support in the input menu.

2) In the character menu select PS/2 port support and i8042 aux+kbd
controller. Their are hooks for other types of PS/2 "clones" on other

3) You have 3 different devices to select from. I don't think I have to
explain them.

XT keyboard.
AT and PS/2 keyboards
PS/2 mouse

Here is the diff.

For assumment I have a funny movie clip in the same area(dancemonkeyboy.mpeg).

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