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Subjectstrange kapm-idled behaviour

(this is *not* a "why does kapm-ideld take up all my CPU time" question!)

I've noticed that on occasion, often when Java-based programs but not
necessarily always, kapm-idled stops running, even when something like
gkrellm or xosview doesn't show any CPU activity and when "w" shows zero
load on the machine.

That in itself isn't too odd, but if, when kapm-idled gets in one of
these weird states, I do 'ps' or run 'top', the kapm-idled thread will
all of a sudden "come to life" and start running, but it will frequently
"give up" and go completely idle after periods of other CPU activity.

I've tried to narrow down the conditions when kapm-idled starts acting
like this, but the best I've come up with is "usually when I run a Java
app, but not always, and sometimes when nothing out of the ordinary
seems to be going on."

Usually when this strange behaviour is happening, doing a 'ps' shows
that the kapm-idled thread is in 'SW' state.

I'm seeing this with the 2.4.10 kernel. I don't remember noticing it
with 2.4.9 or anything else previous. I have SGI's XFS patches applied,
but otherwise a stock kernel.

This is obviously not a critical issue, it's just strange.

Please CC me directly on any replies if anyone would like further

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

usage: qrpff 153 2 8 105 225 < /mnt/dvd/VOB_FILENAME \
| extract_mpeg2 | mpeg2dec -

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