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Subjectsys_personality changes

I'm curious about the purpose of the sys_personality changes that made
it into 2.4.10. In 2.4.9, it looked like this:

asmlinkage long sys_personality(unsigned long personality)
int ret = current->personality;
if (personality != 0xffffffff) {
if (current->personality != personality)
ret = -EINVAL;
return ret;

Compared to your new one:

asmlinkage long
sys_personality(u_long personality)
if (personality == 0xffffffff)
goto ret;
if (current->personality != personality)
return -EINVAL;
return (current->personality);

What was the purpose of changing the way sys_personality works? AFAIK
sys_personality is supposed to return the previous persona. Yours
returns the new persona instead.

Was this intended, or can we roll back this part of your patch?

Paul Larson

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