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Subjectfeedback for the new Rik VM patch 2.4.12-ac3


Although some users are quite happy with that patch
but not me :-)

- I use 2.4.12-ac2 + Robert preempt patch on i686
400Mh, 128Mb ram 72 , yes only 72Mb swap and run

Star Office 5.2 with one 10Kb html document open
Mozilla 0.9.2 browsing web
gimp and open a 1.7Mb tif (using Jpeg compression)
Compiling the kernel 2.4.12-ac3 with the Rik VM patch
two rxvt, one is for running the compilation ; one for
checking with free,

When I start Limewire (the last app I start), swap
usage is nearly 0, I thought the OOM would kill some
app. but it did not, and Limwwire starts ok, check
swap still about 500Kb free.

Then I so all the same for the newly made kernel,

The result is I got more swap ; after all for the
second kernel, free swap is still 10Mb; But in the
trade off performance!. It is sluggish to switch
bettween windows (than the last kernel) and the disk
is thrashing when I exit Star Office and gimp too hard
so that it made the system scrawling, but it is fairly
good in the last kernel.

I usr pgcc to compile both kernel and use -O6
for optimization.

Does anyone see the same?

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