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SubjectRe: [PATCH] binfmt_misc.c, kernel-2.4.12

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Richard Guenther wrote:

> Hi Linus,
> As Al pissed me off again with complaining about binfmt_misc, please
> apply the attached patch which corrects the 'not C code' line and
> fixes the problem Albert noticed. This doesnt fix various assumptions
> about the /proc code that were either valid at the time of writing
> binfmt_misc or badly/not documented.

Like, say it, "thou shalt not dereference user-supplied pointers for verily,
copy_from_user() is there for purpose"?

Or "tons of blind sprintf() calls can really ruin your day when you overflow
the buffer"?

Or that checking the values of arguments, while a noble thing, should
be done _before_ you use them?

Or, say it, one about meaning of
if ((count == 1) && !(buffer[0] & ~('0' | '1'))) {
not being the same as
if (count == 1 && (buffer[0] == '0' || buffer[0] == '1')) {
Darn that Ritchie guy - he should've documented that stuff. Oh, wait -
he had actually done that...

Please, learn C. Then learn some basic stuff about kernel programming.
Then feel free to start mouthing off.

As for the version in -ac and maintaining it - sure I will.

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