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SubjectBad name/docs: "Forwarding between high speed interfaces"
  This option enables NIC (Network Interface Card) hardware throttling
during periods of extremal congestion. At the moment only a couple
of device drivers support it (really only one -- tulip, a modified
8390 driver can be found at ).

Really, this option is applicable to any machine attached to a fast
enough network, and even a 10 Mb NIC is able to kill a not very slow
box, such as a 120MHz Pentium.

However, do not say Y here if you did not experience any serious

This doesn't look too incouraging. Until I read the whole 150+ message
thread about IRQ throtling, I thought it had something to do with ethernet
bridging at high load.

I'm not surprised that this option has been overlooked.

I think the message should be something like:

This option enables NIC (Network Interface Card) hardware throttling
during periods high load.

Without this option, a fast NIC, fast network, and a slow computer can get
enough pp/s (packets per second) to provide an effective DoS attack. (This
has been reported to be possible with a 10Mbps ethernet NIC on a Pentium

At the moment only a few device drivers support it (At the moment, only
tulip, and a modified 8390 - specifically NE2000/1000 - driver that can be
found at

Hopefully more drivers will support this feature soon.


I took a look at fastroute-8390.tar.gz, and it seems to be a driver written
by Donald Becker from way back in '94. If so, it's probably 2.2 only, and
should be taken out of the 2.4 documentation.
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