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SubjectKernel performance in reference to 2.4.5pre1
2.4.5pre1 is the base for comparison, but because privacy issues and company
policies, I can't give out anything but comparative numbers. These should
be enough to see what has been happening over the last couple of months of
kernel development.

The tests performed on the same equipment and networks using SPEC SFS NFS
benchmark testing. We have attempted to limit as many variables as we can.

- 4 Pentium III Xeon processors, 4GB ram
- 45 fibre channel drives, set up in hardware RAID 0/1
- 2 direct Gigabit Ethernet connections between SPEC SFS prime client and
system under test
- reiserfs
- all NFS filesystems exported with sync,no_wdelay to insure O_SYNC writes
to storage
- NFS v3 UDP

2.4.7 kernel series
2.4.7 56%
2.4.7 (patches: reiserfs osync and Arjan's high memory patch) 81%
2.4.7 (patches: Mark Hemment's performance(NFS kernel lock) and
Arjan's high memory patch) 79%
2.4.7 (patches: Mark Hemment's performance(NFS kernel lock) and
reiserfs osync) 67%

2.4.9 kernel series
2.4.9-ac10 48%
2.4.9-ac13 40%
2.4.9-ac13 (patches: Rik's page aging) 40%
2.4.9-ac15 52%
2.4.9-ac15 (patches: Rik's page aging and launder patches) 57%
2.4.9-ac16 56%
2.4.10-pre4 20%
2.4.10-pre8 40%
2.4.10-pre10 28%
2.4.10-pre10aa1 25%
2.4.10-pre11 33%
2.4.10-pre12 27%
2.4.10-pre12 (patches: reiserfs performance patch) 20%
2.4.10-pre13 13%
2.4.10-pre13 (patches: Linus' allocate patch) 28%
2.4.10pre14 43%

2.4.10 kernel series
2.4.10 46%
2.4.10 (patches: Andrea's vmtweak) 62%
2.4.10(patches: Andrea's vmtweaks2) 62%
2.4.10-ac4 57%
2.4.11pre2 51%
2.4.11pre2 (patches: irq rewrite patch with default setting of
20000) 50%
2.4.11pre2 (patches: irq rewrite patch with setting of 10000) 50%
2.4.11pre2 (patches: irq rewrite patch with setting of 30000) 49%
2.4.11pre3aa1 50%
2.4.11pre6aa1 46%
2.4.11pre6aa1(patches: uses the older lvm instead.) 47%

2.4.12 kernel series
2.4.12 45%
2.4.13pre1 51%
2.4.12-ac2 54%
2.4.12-ac3 55%

Cary Dickens

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