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SubjectRe: Making diff(1) of linux kernels faster
Thursday, October 18, 2001, 11:55:41 AM,
Wojtek Pilorz <> wrote:

>> > > Be very careful not to modify a multi-linked file, or
>> > > it will be damaged in all trees and won't be seen by

WP> To be sure it is not possible to modify original tree files, I do
WP> chown -R root.root original_tree

WP> before copying it (via cp -lR) to new one, which will be modified with
WP> whatever tools by me, logged in as a regular user. For those having root
WP> access to a box this might be a useful way of preventing accidents ...
WP> (this of course also assumes sane file permissions)
WP> [...]

Everytime I see this 'hardlinked kernel tree' technique explained,
I think about true COW fs where duplicate files are physically the
same single file but users don't care about that - COW magic...
No hardlink/vi/emacs/... tricks will be needed...
Best regards, vda

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