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SubjectRe: RFC - tree quotas for Linux (2.4.12, ext2)

>On Thursday October 18, wrote:
>> A semi-random thought on the tree-quota concept:
>> Does it really make sense to charge a tree quota to a single specific
>> user? I haven't really looked into what would be required to implement
>> it, but my mental picture of a tree quota is somewhat divorced from the
>> user concept, other than maybe the quota table containing a pointer to
>> a contact for quota violations. The bookkeeping might be easier if each
>> tree quota root just held a cumulative total of allocated space, and
>> maybe a just a user name for contacts (or on the fancier side, a hook
>> to execute something...).

>However I actually want to charge usage to users.
>There is a natural mapping from users to directory trees via the
>concept of the home-directory. It is home directories that I want to
>impose quotas on. So it seems natural to charge space usage to a

The use I can see for tree quotas whould be quite divorced from
accounts or users. Currently if you want limit the amount of
space the say /tmp, /home or /var/mail uses you need to put
it on a separate partition, but if you could put a quota
on a tree you'd have a much more flexible systema adminstration
tool to control the disk space used by each particular function.

I quite like the idea of the quota being related to an inode.
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