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SubjectRe: xircom_cb and promiscious mode
Shaya Potter wrote:
> other thing is, xircom_tulip_cb used to work on my system (2.4.10) (xircom
> realport card, rebranded for IBM), but with 2.4.12-ac3, it can't seem to
> drive the card. it loads fine, detects the card, but no blinky lights.

It's critical that you get xircom_tulip_cb.c from 2.4.13-pre3.
2.4.12-ac3 does not the long-needing-to-be-applied fixes that are now in
2.4.13-pre3's copy of the driver.

Ion ( did the changes, so he is pretty close to
you if you need debugging, too <g>


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