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Subject2.3.13-pre4 rather unstable?
	Hi, I was using 2.3.14-pre4 here, but I had to reboot twice although I 
didn't get an OOPS, so I reverted to 2.4.11-pre6.
1) first, my login to kde got stuck. I had a lot of unkillable "kdeinit:
" processes, which were waiting in (I think) lockp and pipe_write, or
maybe pipe_way or something.
2) I rebooted and it seems to be OK. However, when installing stuff
using dpkg one of the scripts hung. My open konsole windows turned
unresponsive. I tried to log in text mode, but it hung after printing
the motd. Then I tried to log in as root - same thing! Then the whole
system hung. I couldn't get back into X on vt7...

The only modifications that I made were to
a) called mark_page_accessed if pte_young is true in do_try_to_free_pages
in vmscan.c
b) add 'if (PageActive(page)) return 0;' to the same function.
These modifications haven't caused any problem in previous kernels, and
seem to work fine.

One thing which may be relevant is that home dirs are on nfs. Any ideas?
Anyone else have similar problems?


128MB RAM, IDE, Intel PIII, ethernet rltk8139
"At this time Frodo was still in his 'tweens', as the hobbits called
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thirty three" - The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkein
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