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SubjectRe: Flaws in recent Linux kernels
When was this fixed in the 2.4 -ac series?  I don't see anything in
notes.249 or notes.2410 about it.

(see for
the entire advisory)

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 05:35:40PM +0000, Rafal Wojtczuk wrote:
> Hello,
> There are two bugs present in Linux kernels 2.2.x, x<=19 and 2.4.y,
> y<=9. The first vulnerability results in local DoS. The second one,
> involving ptrace, can be used to gain root privileges locally (in case of
> default install of most popular distributions). Linux 2.0.x is not vulnerable
> to the ptrace bug mentioned.
> III. Vendor status
> The kernel developers were notified on 18th September.
> vendor-sec at lists dot de was notified on 9th October.
> IV. Availability of patches.
> 2.4.12 kernel fixes both presented problems. The attached patches,
> 2.2.19-deep-symlink.patch and 2.2.19-ptrace.patch, both blessed by Linus,
> can be used to close the vulnerability in 2.2.19. The (updated)
> Openwall GNU/*/Linux kernel patches can be retrieved from
> Note that the default Owl installation is not vulnerable to the ptrace bug
> described.
> V. The exploits
> The attached script creates malicious symlinks.
> ptrace-exp.c and insert_shellcode.c exploit the ptrace bug on i386
> architecture. You will probably need to adjust #define in the latter. Note
> that ptrace-exp uses LD_DEBUG variable to force a setuid program to generate
> output. This technique (stderr redirected to a pipe, LD_DEBUG set, especially
> LD_DEBUG=symbols) allows for forced suspending of a setuid binary in a
> precisely determined moments, which may be helpful to build exploits which
> rely on race-conditions. And finally, notice that under Owl LD_DEBUG is
> ignored in case of suid binaries.
> Save yourself,
> Nergal

"I think a lot of the basis of the open source movement comes from
procrastinating students..."
-- Andrew Tridgell <>
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