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SubjectRe: RFC - tree quotas for Linux (2.4.12, ext2)
A semi-random thought on the tree-quota concept:

Does it really make sense to charge a tree quota to a single specific
user? I haven't really looked into what would be required to implement
it, but my mental picture of a tree quota is somewhat divorced from the
user concept, other than maybe the quota table containing a pointer to
a contact for quota violations. The bookkeeping might be easier if each
tree quota root just held a cumulative total of allocated space, and
maybe a just a user name for contacts (or on the fancier side, a hook
to execute something...).

I know it's kinda half-baked, but that's my $0.015...


On 10/18/2001 13:20 -0700, Mike Fedyk wrote:
>> Actually, it looks like Niel is creating a two level Quota system. In ther
>> normal quota system, if you own a file anywhere, it is attributed to you.
>> But, in the tree quota system, it is attributed to the owner of the tree...
>> Niel, how do you plan to notify someone that their tree quota has been
>> exceeded instead of their normal quota?
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