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SubjectRe: RFC - tree quotas for Linux (2.4.12, ext2)
On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Ben Greear wrote:

> Neil Brown wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > In my ongoing effort to provide centralised file storage that I can
> > be proud of, I have put together some code to implement tree quotas.
> >
> > The idea of a tree quota is that the block and inode usage of a file
> > is charged to the (owner of the root of the) tree rather than the
> > owner (or group owner) of the file.
> > This will (I hope) make life easier for me. There are several
> > reasons that I have documented (see URL below) but a good one is that
> > they are transparent and predictable. du -s $HOME should *always*
> > match your usage according to "quota".
> Err, except maybe when you also own a file in /home/idiot/idiots_unprotected_storage_dir
> (This relates not at all to your patch/comments.)

No - "the ... usage of a file is charged to the tree, RATHER THAN THE
OWNER OF THE FILE". So, in this case, if you own a file in ~idiot/foo,
idiot's quota is charged for the file, not you.

"Our attitude with TCP/IP is, `Hey, we'll do it, but don't make a big
system, because we can't fix it if it breaks -- nobody can.'"

"TCP/IP is OK if you've got a little informal club, and it doesn't make
any difference if it takes a while to fix it."
-- Ken Olson, in Digital News, 1988

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