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SubjectSound: opl3sa2 problem

There seem to be a problem with the opl3sa2 driver with some
YMF chips. The driver does a test on some register bits that is
supposed to be read only. But they seem to be read/write in some
chip-versions and the test fails. I've commented out the "return 0;"
statement after the "opl3sa2: Control I/O port"... message and then
everything works as expected. This is with 2.4.12 but this problem
as been around for quite a while. The machine is a Toshiba Tecra 8000.


Oct 18 18:31:15 io kernel: ad1848/cs4248 codec driver Copyright (C) by Hannu
Savolainen 1993-1996
Oct 18 18:31:15 io kernel: ad1848: No ISAPnP cards found, trying standard
Oct 18 18:31:15 io kernel: opl3sa2: Control I/O port 0x370 is not a YMF7xx
Oct 18 18:31:15 io kernel: opl3sa2: Found OPL3-SA3 (YMF715E or YMF719E)

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