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SubjectRe: 2.4.12-ac1: BUG in sched.c:712
On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Erik Tews wrote:

> I am very sure that this oops is related to mppp. There seems to be a
> bug in the mppp-code which produces exactly this output (the lines with
> -1 at the end and then a oops during sceduling). I asked at the
> isdn4linux-devel-list but the mppp-code seems to be so dirty that they
> think it would be easyer to rewrite it than debugging it. So I think
> there will be no fast solution for this problem.
If it only happens when the ISP drops the connection while running mppp, I
can easily avoid the situation until a solution gets developed. My ISP
drops the connection automatically after 12 hours but allows immediate
reconnection. So a little magic with ip-up, cron, and ip-down is enough to
avoid the bug, I can easily disable mppp and the connection a few minutes
before the 12 hours pass and then bring the connection and mppp back up a
few moments later.

Ciao, Pascal

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