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SubjectRe: Making diff(1) of linux kernels faster
Hi Paul !

congratulations for this improvement, it seems really
interesting. BTW, I personnaly use hard links between
kernels to make the effective data set smaller, and
like to explain here how I proceed since there are
often people who seem completely amazed by this method
which I learned here on LKML a few years ago :

# cd /usr/src
# tar Ixf anydir/linux-2.4.12.tar.bz2
# cp -dRflp linux linux-2.4.12
>>> this way, only dir entries are duplicated, so very
>>> little overhead
# (cd linux && bzcat anydir/patch-2.4.13pre1.bz2|patch
# cp -dRflp linux linux-2.4.13pre1
>>> now, only file affected by the patch are
>>> then, you can work inside linux dir, and construct
>>> your patches very quickly since a few files
>>> effectively differ from your new tree and old

Be very careful not to modify a multi-linked file, or
it will be damaged in all trees and won't be seen by
diff. your editor must unlink before saving.

I hope it will help someone as it has helped me for a
while now. I nearly always have sub-second diffs, even
with not-so-much RAM.


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