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SubjectRe: [Bench] New benchmark showing fileserver problem in 2.4.12

[ lots of wonderful problem tracking deleted. ]

Robert> Factor 4: the performance problem only occurs with small
Robert> writes. Evidence: the test programs I posted yesterday were
Robert> doing IO with 8K buffers (set by a define) because that was
Robert> what the original benchmark I was emulating did. If I modify
Robert> "receive" to use a 64k buffer, I get adequate throughput. The
Robert> anomalous reads are still happening, but don't seem to impact
Robert> performance too much. The throughput ramps smoothly between 8k
Robert> and 64k buffers.

I'm not a kernel hacker either, but I wonder what happens when you
scale your buffers above and below your ranges. I.e. what happens
with 1k, 2k, 4k, 128k, 256k buffers? Do you get a linear (or at least
a smooth curve) change between these values?

I also wonder about whether using TCP vs. UDP packets over sockets
makes any difference in your testing. More tests for you to write and
do, but it might help narrow down where the bad interaction is really

Good luck,
John Stoffel - Senior Unix Systems Administrator - Lucent Technologies - - 978-952-7548

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