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SubjectRe: Creating files on Samba got weird
On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, vda wrote:

> (CC'ing to lkml in hope on advise why I've got ksymoops error)
> Hello Urban,
> My Samba server behaves strangely.
> Very frequently (but not always) when I try to create/copy
> files from win box to linux samba server it says that file/dir
> already exists or that connection terminated. It is indeed exists,
> in case of a file it is of zero length. Subsequent copy with
> overwrite succeeds.
> It seems that smbd dies after it has created dir/file but before
> reporting this fact to the client. New smbd gets spawned by inetd
> then.

Following my fading memory here, but....

What file system are you sharing? VFAT by chance? For some reason
this sounds vaguely like a truncate bug Tridge fixed a few monthds
back. Try 2.2.2 (released over the weekend).

If you are exporting a VFAT fs, try to reproduce the same behavior
using ext2.

cheers, jerry
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