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Subjectkeyboard / shutdown problem on 2.4.10
I am using kernel 2.4.10 and am not aware of these issues being fixed
for 2.4.12, based on jitterbug. I'll upgrade to a 2.4.12 plus patches
if there's a good chance of them being fixed.

I am using a 1.2 GHZ Athlon with a K7VZA mainboard.

When I issue a shutdown command, the computer halts but does not turn
itself off. This functionality was present on a 2.4.2-2 kernel, where
the computer turned itself off.

When I press the alt key in order to type in three digits to get keyboard
codes above 128, this does not work. I also have problems in remapping
the keyboard to get these high codes, but this could be operator error.

This functionality was present on a 2.2.17 kernel. The keyboard was
munged by consolechars, but at least it started out working (again, this
could be operator error).

I'm not on the list, please forward any replies.


John August

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