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SubjectKernel 2.4.12 breaks fuser


fuser -n [tcp|udp] no longer works with the Linux kernel 2.4.12. No
processes are printed, even though ports are clearly being used. It used
to work fine with 2.4.10, I don't know about 2.4.11. fuser is version 19,
as found in RH 7.1 (psmisc-19-4).

I know nothing about kernel internals, so I can't pinpoint the exact
change. However, I debugged fuser with gdb and what I found out is that
fuser expects the st_dev field of /proc/pid/fd/* to be 0 for sockets. In
2.4.12 st_dev is 4, at least for TCP sockets, so fuser fails to match the

I don't know if it's fuser that makes invalid assumptions or if it is a
kernel bug. I guess it's for you guys to decide.

If you reply, please include my e-mail address in Cc, as I'm not on the
kernel list.


Kamil Iskra
Section Computational Science, Faculty of Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam tel. +31 20 525 75 35 fax. +31 20 525 74 90
Kruislaan 403 room F.202 1098 SJ Amsterdam The Netherlands

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