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SubjectRe: Can linux kernel boot from parallel port device?
On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 05:20:40PM -0700, Barry Wu wrote:
> Hi, all, I want to boot linux kernel directly from mainboard rom or flash,
> but the rom on mainboard is small and it contains BIOS in it. Therefore I
> want to boot kernel from parallel port. I can put linux kernel on parallel
> storage. Is it possible to boot linux kernel from parallel port? If so, how
> to modify the kernel? If someone knows, please help me.

IMHO if you don't have an option in your BIOS to boot on a parallel
device, that won't be possible. The problem is not the kernel or any OS
itself, but your BIOS that won't be able to jump to runnable code.
Usually, your BIOS looks for a MBR on the selected device. If that
device isn't recognised by the BIOS itself, of course it won't find any
Operating System.

Perhaps there is another solution, but much difficult :
If grub or any loader is able to recognize your parallel device, it will
be able to boot on it. But that requires a hard disk or at least a
floppy drive, and a modified version of grub or any loader.


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