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Subject2.2.14-ac1: Oops when accessing directory via nfs

we get an 100%-ile reproducible Oops when accessing a certain
directory via nfs.

NFS client: Athlon 1400, 2x 60 GB HDD (RAID 1, lvm), kernel 2.4.12-ac1

NFS server: DEC System 5000 Modell 200, Ultrix 4.4

Before the nfs client machine 'oopses', there is always the message

NFS: short packet in readdir reply!

in the syslog (mostly 3 times) and sometimes even the message:

NFS: giant filename in readdir

with varying 'len'.

With Redhat-kernel 2.2.19-6.2.7 as NFS client, there is still the same
'short packet' message in the log, but no 'giant'-message and there is
no Oops and the directory is shown correctly.

One Oops message from the syslog is attached (they all look similar).

I can provide more information if necessary (e.g., mounting the
directory via nfs to other test machines is possible. Please, contact
me if this is necessary to track down the problem).

A fsck on the nfs server did not encounter any problems with the

Best regards,

J"org Diederich
Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks,
Technical University Braunschweig, Germany


kernel: printing eip:
kernel: c01604fc
kernel: Oops: 0000
kernel: CPU: 0
kernel: EIP: 0010:[nfs_xdr_readdirres+172/224] No
t tainted
kernel: EFLAGS: 00010296
kernel: eax: 01000000 ebx: fe203ff8 ecx: fe204000
edx: 0000000e
kernel: esi: fe204000 edi: 00000080 ebp: e64ba144
esp: db32bc70
kernel: ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
kernel: Process apache (pid: 23179, stackpage=db32b000)
kernel: Stack: db32bcf8 f1486a54 c0160450 c022b097 e64b
a144 c3de8240 db32bda0 db32bd4c
kernel: db32bcb8 db32bd60 db32bcf8 c022e01c db32
bcf8 db32bcf8 fffffff5 db32bcf8
kernel: f1486a54 db32a000 00000000 db32a000 db32
bd64 db32bd64 c022e287 db32bcf8
kernel: Call Trace: [nfs_xdr_readdirres+0/224] [call_de
code+295/352] [__rpc_execute+172/704] [rpc_execute+87/112] [rpc_call_sync+125/17
kernel: [rpc_run_timer+0/96] [nfs_proc_readdir+161/2
08] [nfs_readdir_filler+240/592] [read_cache_page+133/400] [filldir64+0/368] [nf
kernel: [nfs_readdir_filler+0/592] [nfs_decode_diren
t+0/144] [vfs_readdir+97/144] [filldir64+0/368] [sys_getdents64+79/272] [filldir
kernel: [system_call+51/56]
kernel: Code: 8b 11 0f ca 8d 42 03 24 fc 8d 4c 01 08 81
fa ff 00 00 00 77

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