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SubjectRe: [PATCH] IDE initialization fix
Andre Hedrick wrote:

> > for chipsets does not get called. I'll speak specifically about the CSB5.
> > The CSB5 in non-native mode has a PCI irqline register forced to 0. The
> > PCI probe then skips it's PCI init and it never gets called.

OK! This is what I have learned. The ide-pci init code has one case that
isn't caught. Perhaps you can clarify what it means, for me.

* If an IDE controller has a PCI IRQ and has class code bit 0x5 set, it is
100% native.

* CSB5 _CAN_NOT_ have a PCI IRQ assigned (RO register).

* CSB5 spec clearly indicates that you can turn on class code bits 0x5 for
native mode operation.

* My system has the native mode bits turned on, but not an IRQ. The driver
incorrectly drops this case into teh "bad irq" case.

* Solution: cleanup probe to something like:

if ((is_storage_ide || is_storage_other) && native_bits && pciirq) {
/* 100% native mode */
} else if ((is_storage_ide || is_storage_other) && native_bits) {
/* native mode */
} else if (is_storage_ide || is_storage_other) {
/* non-native mode */
} else {
/* what here ?!?! */

or simpler:

if (is_storage_ide || is_storage_other) {
if (native_bits && pciirq) {
/* 100% native mode */
} else if (native_bits) {
/* plain-old native mode */
} else {
/* non-native mode */
} else {
/* what here?!? */

What do you think of this case? The other alternative is to turn OFF
native bits on any CSB5, since it can't have a PCI IRQ assigned.

Please let me know, and I'll work up and test a patch.

Tim Hockin
Systems Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Cobalt Server Appliances
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