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SubjectRe: libz, libbz2, ramfs and cramfs
H. Peter Anvin writes:

> PPP uses a nonstandard deviant of zlib, or *so I've been told*, so
> that one is out.

PPP uses a variant of zlib with some extensions. I believe that I
didn't break zlib for normal use when I added the extensions but I
would have to check that to be 100% sure. The PPP zlib.c is based on
zlib-1.0.4, which is no longer the most recent version.

I think it would be possible to make PPP use the standard zlib but
with decreased performance. It's a long time since I looked at that
stuff though.

> A major problem is that the module name "deflate" is used by PPP,
> despite it being a nonstandard format...

No, the module name is "ppp_deflate".

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