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Subjecttyan K7 thunder

First every thing was just fine with our new tyan k7 thunder server and we
did some load testing and the machine ran fine for 4 weeks. But after we
started to use it in production we had major stability problems with that new
Dual Athlon 1200 machine. we found tons of mails in this mailling list about
this configuration crashing. We tried to stabilize the SMP-kernel (v.2.4.9)
for 4 days w/o luck. We played around with the bios and especially the use
pci table in MP table switch gave us a lot more stability but the machine
still keeped on crashing every few hours with a kernel panic:

kernel panic aiee, killing interrupt handler
in interrupt handler - not syncing'

We tried noapic, and all the things that were recommended. We also read that
Alan Cox thinks that some of these MBs simply are kind of damaged.

Right now we are running this machine with v2.4.12 uniprocessor kernel and it
seems to be stable. What i wanna know is whether there are some improvements
in the support for this mainboard in the kernel from 2.4.9 to 2.4.12 so we
could risk another try with the SMP kernel.

thank you for you help


P.S.: The tyan support (after 5 days we were frustrated enough to call them
up) said the don't support Linux, and their boards are just certified for
Windows. But of course this is not alternative for us....
e-admin internet gmbh
Andreas Gietl
Roter-Brach-Weg 124a
tel +49 941 3810884
fax +49 941 3810891
mobil +49 171 6070008
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